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Local Attractions
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Local Attractions

Royal Suites and Mackie Tours and Travel is here to take you places.

Tour & TravelMackie Tours and Travel, is a tour and travel agency which began its operations in January 2005. The company is one of the best service providers in Uganda. The company has as a compliment of professional staff that are experienced and trained to deliver world class travel solution.

The agency is backed by abroad network of all the international Airlines such as British Airways, Sabena airlines Gulf Air, Emirates Airline, Kenya airways, South African Airways, Ethiopian Airways Air Tanzania etc.

Arrangement of visits to selected and memorable sites throughout Uganda together with our partners, Mackie Tours and Travel is gladly able to arrange visits to the various sites of real interest to our guest, throughout Uganda. For this purpose, two distinct packages are available for selection namely;

  • Package A comprising long distance sites which take several days to visit.
  • Package B  focuses on short distance sites that on average require a one-day trip

Though at Mackie Tours and Travel,our guests can plan trips to long-distance sites of their choice,a brief guide is highlighted below, to enable our guests to make their choices with much more ease.

  1. Kidepo National Game Park, Kotido is situated (about 400km north of Kampala) in the semi-arid, Karamoja sub-region, bordering Southern Sudan and Kenya.
  2. Murchison Falls National Park, is situated (320km) North-west of Kampala and found around the Lake Albert-cum-River Nile sub-region.
  3. Semuliki Game Park found North of Lake Albert and is 290km West of Kampala. This site stretches towards the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Cong (DRC) and it is famous for its hot springs while at the same time being just in the vicinity of the world famous, Mount Rwenzori ranges.
  4. Queen Elizabeth National Park, situated (about 300km) West of Kampala, is found in the lowlands facing the Mount Rwenzori ranges and, it is endowed with a lot of mixed wildlife species, comprising intriguing birds and animals.
  5. Lake Mburo Game Park, situated (about 200km) west of Kampala, this relatively small site is close to Mbarara town, regional capital of Western Uganda. The site is famous for its unique mix of wildlife i.e. animals and birds alike, not forgetting the abundant and heart-thrilling, aquatic lifestyles present in the area.
  6. Lake Bunyonyi Tourist Site, situated 280km Southwest of Kampala) is well known for its eco-and-community-based tourist facilities. The various islands within Lake Bunyonyi host a variety of birds and small primates (especially monkeys) for leisure watching and heart-warming adventure.
  7. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Park situated about 380km Southwest of Kampala, this nature-packed site enjoys having the exclusive opportunities for Gorilla tracking. This is along the world famous Virunga ranges axis that traverses Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Bwindi is indeed endowed with sceneries that could be best described as Blended, prepared and served from the pot of Mother Nature.

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